AI Powered HR Tools

Top 5 AI Powered HR Tools

The AI boom in the past few months has taken everyone by storm. Everyone is still figuring what hit them, given how almost every other platform/product says AI powers it. Even the field of HR saw some fantastic advancements on its Technology front. For various reasons, HR folks have been reluctant and slow to adopt technology compared to other sectors of the industry.

So we came up with our research and chose the best AI-powered HR tools & platforms that you absolutely must check out. Now, we understand that you might be aware of a few, but we wanted to keep it as generic as possible and cover all domains we could get our hands on. Here is our list of the most happening and useful AI-powered HR centric platforms available today.

5. Textio: Your Job Posting Writing Assistant

How many times have we come across a job posting and ignored it completely, only to go ahead and be intrigued by another, similar to this but different in the choice of language? I can come up with a couple of incidents myself, and I am sure my team has quite a few more in their memory bank. Point being, writing Job descriptions is tedious. Most HRs end up taking a standard template and add up total gibberish to fill it up or leave it so brief that nobody would bother to apply. Fact is, every job description is like your description of how it would be to work for you and why one should work for you.textio

Textio promises to get the message across, for you. Textio helps tweak your job descriptions to match the wavelength of the position as well as your company. It checks out various words and phrases and suggests replacements that would be more welcoming and openly accepted. Their reports indicate that there was a 25% improvement in the quality of hires they made.

The company says “By analyzing the hiring outcomes of more than 10 million job posts a month, Textio predicts the performance of your listing and gives you real-time guidance on how to improve it.”
While we do believe there is a need for this, this would’ve been better if it could take over professional mail templates, offer letters and so on. That would just make the tool irresistible.


4. Mya- Your team’s AI Recruiter

When we were looking at tools, we found a lot of platforms that had bots or used AI in different ways. And when we came across Mya, we thought it would be just another bot. But boy were we in for a shock and a pleasant one at that.
Mya is an engagement bot that helps your company stay connected to all your potential employees by conversing with them. This engagement works in everyone’s favour. Fact check:

  • Time taken to hire reduces
  • More Output
  • Reduced Costs

myaWell, this is what their team advertised, and we thought we should give it a swing. It turns that the facts check out. If you are engaging with a candidate and answering every single query of theirs while gathering vital information about their background even before you interview/assess them, you are already saving hundreds of hours and dollars. Not only are you getting to choose the best-suited people for your firm, but you are also making a more significant impression on your prospects by answering every question they have about you and your business.

End product: More people who understand your work culture and company. Add to that they also want to work for you rather than the money or perks you offer. And guess what, Mya can even schedule your interviews based on your preferences so you can spend your time doing more important things. Mya also integrates pretty well with various services, making it a side-kick almost necessary to have.

3. Interact by Xobin: AI for Secured Assessments

We have noticed that many companies these days end up hiring after a couple of rounds of interviews. But they end up spending hours in doing that. This happens because they do not verify skills of the people they are testing. That is if they are testing them in the first place. People have written articles about how it is now so simple to copy and pass a HackerRank test. So, how exactly do you ensure that the assessment you conduct is worth its value in gold? You secure them. How? That is where Interact comes in.

Interact is a pre-employment assessment platform for recruiters to breathe easy. We went through the platform, and it was what you would expect from a given pre-employment assessment platform. The questions, compilers, etc. But what made us pick this one in the AI segment is their proctoring algorithm which they claim is based on AI. That was the very reason we got curious and thinking and decided to give it a spin.

Interact Assessment PlatformSo it turns out that they take proctoring to the next level indeed. AI algorithm is employed to track the keystrokes and analyze the patterns to verify the authenticity of a given submission. Furthermore, they also have an algorithm that monitors the iris of the candidates. This is evident in the report that they generate for each test taker. And to sum things off, we also get to see the off-tab activity time. However, there is no way to know whether that was for typing code in a compiler or to ask “Google” for the answer. Overall, with an extra secure mode “Proctoring,” their system verifies or denies applicants based on a mixture of off-tab activity, iris tracking, and keystroke analysis. We found this cheeky addition useful and time-saving.

2. HireVue- AI for Interviews

Most Hiring managers face a shortage of one critical thing- TIME. Yes, there are probably more than a fair share of days when managers wish that there were more than 24 hours in a calendar day. But that cannot be changed. What can, is how these 24 hours are put to use. It is a common problem to see hiring managers only pick out a bunch of people from a sea of applicants for a role based on very trivial or sometimes insignificant things. This creates an imbalance of how the process works. And some top applicants might feel hard-done-by it, not to forget the fact that you end up losing out on these people.


But what do you do when the number of applicants quintuples in the past few years. HireVue adds its AI component to pre-recorded interviews. It uses AI to map and study the facial patterns, word choice and the tone in which they do it. However, the drawback might be the vocabulary when it comes down to technical roles. Developers aren’t necessarily spectacular orators and that sometimes hurts their chances, which is unfair. But the tool helps recruiters save loads of time when screening applicants from the initial pool. They also get an overall “Insights Score” at the end, which shows how well the person fits the role. This score is based on the learning of the system on what the ideal candidate’s characteristics are and the questions asked by the team.

1. Belong – AI to Source the Best Hidden Talent for you

We picked a lot of tools and platforms that ran on AI and decided to pick out the best five. And we thought our no.1 had to be a winner.

How many times has someone hired an all-star developer or designer, only to realize that he/she is a nightmare regarding the cultural fit? I am guessing no one can say “never.”
If you were miraculously that lucky, then you can skip the rest of our article. But the rest know that it is a constant risk that hiring managers end up taking all the time.

Belong promises to get rid of this risk factor. And we have in fact seen this in action. Some of our friends got roles in various firms via Belong. Not so surprisingly, they are happier than they were with any of their previous employers. Belong takes into account all social media and publicly available information to match the company with the best possible people in these roles. They use data & predictive analysis to source the talent while also paying heed to the culture fit.belong

Imagine getting an offer without applying as a job-seeker and getting candidates who would never bother applying on a job-portal via Belong. It is indeed a win-win for both job-seekers and recruiters.’


That was the list of our top AI-powered HR Tools & Platforms. If you feel like any other services deserved to be in this article, please do write to us @ . We will be glad to take your feedback for our next article.